German 1940 Army List for Chain of Command

German 1940
Ready to invade Norway, France and the Low Countries, they German army of 1940 had learned the lessons of the campaign in Poland and restructured to be a more nimble and well controlled force. This is quite possibly the German infantry at the very top of their game.
You can download this list here: German 1940 Army List


10 thoughts on “German 1940 Army List for Chain of Command”

  1. Great to see this constant streams of lists! Please keep it up, that’s perfect service. Many thanks!
    However, sorry to be such an anorak – I know the German language can be tricky at times, but a Panzerbüchse shouldn’t become Panzerbüsche or “armoured shrubs” (this, if linguistically correct, being a nonsense word, of course). 😉
    Cheers, SG

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