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General d’Armee Heading for Partizan

Just one week to go until General d’Armee is released and what an event we have chosen for the big day.  Since its move from Kelham Hall, Partizan has been highly praised as being one of the UK’s best shows in one of the best locations.  Rapidly Partizan has gone to being one of our favourite events on the wargames calendar, especially as a showcase for great historical games.  What better place to release General d’Armee?
Author Dave Brown will be present, running a game throughout the day so you’ll have a great opportunity to see the rules in action and even take part if you fancy trying your hand as a budding Napoleon of Wellington, and who doesn’t?!

But why wait until next Sunday?  After a hectic time in the Reisswitz Press studio, we have put together a series of videos for YouTube to provide an introduction to the game.  Today we are releasing the fifth out of eight videos, culminating in watching a game in progress.  You can find the first five videos here:  General d’Armee Videos

Follow the links to watch the videos in sequence and you’ll see Dave work his way through the game play sequence, keep watching as we run up to Partizan and we will be continuing the series.
Don’t forget, we are currently taking advanced orders which include some great deals at great prices.  If you want to take advantage of the free PDF offer (always handy to have the rules on your tablet or computer) you can do so now here: General d’Armee Advanced Orders
Find out full details about the deals on offer here:  Advanced Order


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