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General d’Armee, Advanced Order Now

Great news, with the proof in from the printer we can take a first look at the rules and show you just what a great looking book this is.  Once again, we have used veteran wargamer and greatly respected designer Henry Hyde to produce a set of rules which is easy on the eye and laid out in a manner which allows the gamer to get the information needed simply and with plenty of illustrations and examples of play.  We think you’ll agree that this makes for a very good looking book but one that’s also highly functional; always important in the heat of battle!

In addition to the 108 page rule book, General d’Armee also comes with two A4 size playsheets, both laid out in colour coded sections and laminated for longevity.
Since we published Pickett’s Charge, Dave’s ACW rules (which you can view here:  Pickett’s Charge) we have had lots of you asking if we could produce a set of game Tokens and Status Markers.  Well, we thought we kick off by producing a set for General d’Armee so you can really hit the ground running. These are in MDF and produced by our partners at Warbases.  You can paint them up or use them as they are if you’re impatient to get started!

To make life easy. we have put together two Advanced order options.  Firstly you can get the full set which includes the rules, the two laminated playsheets, two sets of tokens (one per side) and a free PDF of the rules.  PLEASE NOTE:  The PDF will be sent to you as soon as we release the rules on the 21st of May.  In fact we are at Partizan that day, so we will be sending out the PDFs on the next day.
Here’s the complete bundle ready for ordering:  GDA Rules & Tokens
If you don’t want the tokens, you can order the rules, the two laminated playsheets and the free PDF of the rules.  You can find that option here:  GDA Rules
Whichever bundle you go for, the rules will be despatched on Monday the 22nd of May by first class post.  Don’t forget the free PDF option and these bundle prices are only for advanced orders.


5 thoughts on “General d’Armee, Advanced Order Now”

  1. I’ve read through the four posts concerning this rule system, I’m definitely excited about the systems and all the rule booklet and token eye candy, but what is missing a play of the game – like the other rule systems on this blog. Will a post be made before the advance order expires covering the game play?

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