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French Revolutionary Army Lists for Sharp Practice

“But you won’t fool the children of the Revolution”.  So said a wise man, and fortunately we’re not looking to fool them, but play some smashing games of toy soldiers with them.  Who cannot be inspired by the brave forces of reaction standing up to the scruffy gits defending their sordid revolution.  Sans Culottes indeed!
Anyway, we have started off the period with lists for the French and Austrians.  At some point it would be good to add the Prussians, so if anyone wants to have a go at that we will be happy to work with you.  Here’s the list for the revolting French and the jolly Hapsburgs:  French Revolutionary Wars


2 thoughts on “French Revolutionary Army Lists for Sharp Practice”

  1. Thanks very much for making these lists available. I have quite a few of the Eureka French and Austrians painted up, so I can get stuck right in! I did notice that the two lines for the Amalgame troops seem to have a formatting error. They have the weapon in the points value box and size appears twice.

  2. Graham Knight

    Excellent, this means tha my Eureka kit will be in action sooner than I thought!
    I will not have time until the Autumn when I settle in Brussels but I should like to see a list for the Russians under Suvorov in Italy. Is any one else having a go at them?

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