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Freikorps von Sekka March Forth

Twiddling my thumbs this morning, waiting for the Sharp Practice card decks to arrive, so I thought that we could use that time to look at the completed Freikorp von Sekka, now on parade and ready for my Meckel Map Imagi-Nations campaign.
First, let’s have a look at a couple of additions I mentioned the other day.
Here we have the final Leader of our force, Leutnant Caspari, commanding his 6 pounder gun.IMG_2803  Caspari is a plain looking but pleasant chap who comes from a wealthy background.  However, he is no gentleman, coming from trade, as such he cannot join the Prussian Army as an officer.  He has clearly used some of his fabulous wealth to gain training as an artilleryman and is now using his service with Oberst von Sekka to amass military experience.  Caspari is an honourbale chap and, interestingly, is a master of disguise, presumably having dabbled in amateur dramatics at some point.
Next, I have put together a couple of Deployment Points.  To my mind deployment points should be something in keeping with the force and represent something you want not to lose.  I started with this one:
IMG_2805 IMG_2804
Essential supplies worth preserving!  The photo shows up some static grass which needs brushing away, but you get the idea.
Secondly I did this one.  An attractive young lady attempting to provide some comforts to a couple of Musketeers.
Both were quite fun to paint and assemble and will, I hope, look nice on the tabletop.  Once we have everything shipped I thought it would be fun to do a competition for making the most original Deployment Points.  Mind you, what could be better than a large quantity of beer and an attractive young lady?  A beer factory and several attractive young ladies I suppose…I may struggle to get that on a 60mm base.
Okay, enough of these frivolities.  Here’s a look at Freikorps von Sekka in all of its glory.
I actually have several other support options on the painting table, a Physic to cure all ailments, and a worthy chap to lead the mule train or carts and an Engineer officer.  What’s nice is that I have two core force options and quite a bit of support to choose from and I can add to this force as I feel inclined.


4 thoughts on “Freikorps von Sekka March Forth”

  1. Excellent looking force! I’d been thinking that a SYW-type force would be a nice change from North America, and that’s a great example! Good luck defending that beer. 🙂

  2. Very nice and really like how it has all come together so quickly. The officer backgrounds add nice depth and the DPs are great. Funnily enough, for the Escort scenario my French troops will be accompanying the Warbases wine cart (idea inspired by reading Sgt Burgoyne’s memoirs)

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