D&D Narrative Campaign Manager (VASSAL MODULE)

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D&D Narrative Campaign Manager (VASSAL MODULE)

Post by FrenchricusRex »

Hello All,

I am in the beta stage of building a Dawns and Departures Narrative Campaign Manager for use with the open-source board-game engine VASSAL.

If you are unfamiliar with VASSAL, see here: http://www.vassalengine.org/

Seeing as I have never actually run a D&D campaign, only read the book, I thought it would be useful to get some feedback. The module can be found on my Smoothbore Files Page.

So far, the module will track:
Campaign Map Terrain
Double-blind movement
Unit Stats (editable as the campaign goes on)
Campaign Time (A.M./P.M.)
Turn Reports
Units assigned to special duty (Patrolling for Infantry, and Screening, Reserve, Battle, or Patrolling for Cavalry)

Note: the Umpire player has complete control over the Reports, Supplies, and Turn Tracking pieces. The umpire should be sure to select "hide" so that the players can only see their reports and remaining supplies.
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Re: D&D Narrative Campaign Manager (VASSAL MODULE)

Post by JDowd »

Dave, have you done any further development work on this module? I'm interested in running a Dawns and Departures campaign, and as I know a couple of Vassal experts this would seem to be a good way to do it. I'd be interested to know if you have done any playtesting, or if I could maybe help with that.
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