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Re: KMH2

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I’ve just started reading “ The Colonial Post Captain “ Free on kindle to Prime users it’s book 1 of the Carlisle & Holbrook series it starts in 1756 just prior to the SYW in the Med and leading up to the execution of Admiral Byng.

It looks like spies, small actions, and Hornblower style action and I suspect land actions of marines and seamen against French militia and regulars.

Will KMH & Sp2 do this? All boarding actions,

Mike L

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Re: KMH2

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Hi Mike,
Sounds an interesting book.

Boarding actions in KMH are very abstracted as befits rules pitched at fighting between squadrons of large ships. There are, however, some interesting articles by Chris Stoesen in the 2017 Christmas Special on adapting SP2 to use for Pirates in small boats which might fit the bill.


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