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Re: Just a quick intro...

Post by bandrsntch »

Have been thinking of using one of this sets rules for Boxer Rebellion period. I have Sharp Practice and it could be adapted, but thought one of these would work better. Any recommendations of which one would be best? From what I can tell from the reviews, Triumph of Will might work.
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Re: Just a quick intro...

Post by sukhe_bator »

Several years ago now I purchased a hard copy of TOTW and rashly lent them to a friend. Not that long afterwards he skipped town along with a number of my reference books, leaving me rule-less. :(
I got them to wargame a RCW/BackofBeyond like campaign in 15mm, for which I thought TOTW would be ideally suited. I like the idea of company level combat since smaller formations of troops were involved of disparate abilities and I liked the influence of officers/fanatics and the simple mechanics for vehicles etc.
I have since expanded further into Central Asia and am modelling the Transcaspian episode in 1919 with an emphasis on warfare up and down the TransCaspian Rly. with improvised armoured trains. At long last I've taken a break from the modelling and finally got round to ordering a PDF version.
So while I can't say I have really experienced these rules to any great depth, I like the look and the style of them. They suit me even if they are older quality Lard and I agree that they deserve to get more attention. :)
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