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Re: More questions

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I thought vehicles just rolled the dice noted under HE when they fire at infantry... where do the machine guns come into the picture?

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Re: More questions

Post by Emilio »

The HE rating is for guns, but a vehicle may have both a gun and MGs. MGs shot as infantry ones, and guns as.... guns (like infantry guns or AT ones shooting HE againt infantry).

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Re: More questions

Post by General »

Regarding jeeps and trucks. Can I assume the stats are as follows: Jeep/Kubelwagen/Swimmwagen = Armor 0 with Low Profile, Small, Open Top [Wheeled] while a truck = Armor 0 with Open Top [Wheeled]?

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Re: More questions

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Also remember sect 11.8 p 53

Where more than one weapon is in a single
position, such as the main gun and co‐axial
machine gun, only one may be fired in any single

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