Austrian Battalion-mass House rule

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Austrian Battalion-mass House rule

Post by Shrimplyamazing »

Just been reading about the Austrian habit of using Battalion mass (best represented in SP as close column) to defend against cavalry rather than the square. It seems to have been somewhat effective, but not as much as the square.

A simple houserule to represent this in fisticuffs. Change "infantry square against cavalry" to "infantry square or close column against cavalry", this way they get the 50% extra dice, but the Cavalry dont lose half their dice as they also do against square.

One could alternatively switch it around so that the cavalry lose the dice and the infantry dont gain it, but i think the mass element of the closed column is probably better represented as more dice.

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Re: Austrian Battalion-mass House rule

Post by Valmy92 »

I’d actually suggest the other way ‘round. Being in the compact formation with bayonets facing out keeps the cavalry from reaching to cause injury and the solid formation puts more of the infantry in the middle where they can’t effectively fight.
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Re: Austrian Battalion-mass House rule

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

I'm not sure that the figure:man ratio at the level of SP2 is really right for the sort of size of formation you are talking about with Battalion-Masse.
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