Incident at El-Azizi Wadi (CoC)

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Incident at El-Azizi Wadi (CoC)

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Incident at El-Azizi Wadi
(Aka 'Hunt for the Burgundy Briefcase'

Lybian Desert, 1941
A notorious smugglers plane has gone to ground in the El-Azizi area, where a wadi winds between buttes.
Agents Herr Krappenhod (Gestapo) & CPT Dirk Derrick (RN Intell) each commandeer small mobile forces and a race ensues to secure the contents of the burgundy briefcase.

This was played out as a special 'capture the flag' scenario (Germans vs Commonwealth) played with assets of a motorised platoon + scout squad & light armour recon.
The scout squads deployed from limited patrol phase (3 patrol markers geneting 2 JOPs), whilst the rest came on from their respective baselines.
Due to force size, each side got a bonus red dice, & the special agents got a free activation with 2 orders .

The resultant game was sh!tloads of fun to play out, & came down right to the wire.

Link to 4 yewchoob clips (0:48 - 4:08 mins) picking up about 1/2way through the game;
(spoiler; the Germans (FM 2) get away with the briefcase, leaving the Commonwealth (FM 10) in possession of the field (+some BMWs & Zundapps for the Australian scouts to steal). ... ulTEX0E9x_
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