German 75mm Infantry Gun

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Ian F
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German 75mm Infantry Gun

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German 75mm infantry guns have an AP of 6, I thought this was a bit good, but read there was an hollow charge round available. When did this round appear and should the AP 6 factor apply to 1940/41/42 usage. I also note the 75mm howitzer on the Stuart has an AP of 6, did that have an hollow charge round as well. If this is to reflect a hit on "tin can" early tanks it is not very consistent, Any thoughts please.
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Re: German 75mm Infantry Gun

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The German Short 75mm refers to the AFV gun (L24) and not the Infantry gun prior to being issued any sexy rounds.

So, for the early period the IG uses the 75mm HE rating of 3.

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Truscott Trotter
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Re: German 75mm Infantry Gun

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June 1940 seems like a probable date.
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