Large Unit

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Large Unit

Post by Cearapeter »

Hello All

Does a 'large unit' always count as 'large'?

In a recent game a 'large British unit (44 figures) took significant casualties as a result of very lucky dice throws on my part, and eventually dispersed.

Yet even when the unit had 14 casualties (large units disperse at 15+ casualties) my colleague was still refering to it as 'large', and fired as 'large' yet it had less figures than my standard line troops. Plus the fact we dont remove casualties gave it the same frontage and to all purposes it looked the most potent unit on the table. It was'nt!!!!

So is 'large' always 'large' or do you reduce as the unit takes casualties?

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Re: Large Unit

Post by PedroBlazer »

It remains a large unit throughout. There is no casualty removal in GdA, other than for skirmisher bases. So a 44 figure large unit will remain a 44 figure large unit until it disperses.
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Re: Large Unit

Post by nikjen66 »

Hi CP,

Yep it’s large but obviously reduces in effectives in GDA1 at 4 & 8 casualties. So at 14 casualties it’s very vulnerable and not only will it cause a Falter test once destroyed but it leave a large hole in the line.
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Re: Large Unit

Post by bellebsc »

Still large.

Remember that DB has said, that casualties just don't akways represent kills, they also represent a units dwindling moral, during a game.

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