Leader movement

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Leader movement

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When a unit the attached leaders would normally move with it. Can one of the subordinate leaders attached to the unit leave the formation and move separately (for example, to join another unit) when their card is drawn later in the turn, even though the leader had moved when the unit moved earlier in the turn?

Also, is it OK to simply leave a subordinate leader behind when the unit to which he is attached moves, so that he becomes detached and is free to move, assuming that his card appears later in the turn?
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Re: Leader movement

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I would say no to the first, although he could detach from the unit, so he will be left behind if the unit moves in the next turn before his card is drawn. Bear in mind though, that a subordinate leader in most cases cannot simply leave a unit without permission or orders from the leader commanding that force.

I would say certainly yes in the second case, although again in most cases the leader commanding the unit needs to spend a CI to give him orders to do so.

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