Gun & Sabre

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Gun & Sabre

Post by Montymcmillan »

Hi Guys

I am a confused newbie so please help.

On pages 106 and 107 of the Sharp Practice rules V2, it has the French Army Lists, detailed below;

French Voltigeur skirmishers, 1813-1814 with a weapon listed as 'Gun' should this be musket
French Voltigeurs, with a 'sabre' do these not have any other weapon
French Lancers, 1812 with a 'Gun' should this be a lance

I assume the lance and sabre could only be used in a round of 'fisticuffs' with them having no range capabilities as such, and i can find no reference to 'Gun' other than artillery units.
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Re: Gun & Sabre

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

Voltigeurs - musket and bayonet, and sabre-briquet (alhough these last were withdrawn for cost reasons toward the end of the period.

Lancers - front rank, lance, sabre and pistols; second rank, sabre, carbine and pistols.
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Re: Gun & Sabre

Post by Captain Reid »

They're just cut/paste errors.

The Voltigeurs (both types) should have Muskets.
The Lancers should have Lances.
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Re: Gun & Sabre

Post by sjwalker51 »

There’s quite a few cut/paste typos in the force lists.

And you’ll find that the points value of the forces often differs from the values created by the Sharpulator, which was produced after the rules were released. Luckily SP isn’t so dependent on having equally matched forces, it’s the scenario that matters. The Sharpulator is available as a free download from the website.

Finally, if you’re wondering, Leaders cost 3 points per Status Level 🙂
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Re: Gun & Sabre

Post by lilycollins9x »

Lancers were a type of cavalry armed with lances. If the entry lists 'Gun' for French Lancers, it's likely a mistake. Lancers would not carry guns; their primary weapon was the lance. Lances were used for charging enemy formations and were not ranged weapons like firearms incredibox
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