List for Jewish Revolts

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List for Jewish Revolts

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If I wanted to try playing something like the Bar Kokhba War would you just re-flavor one of the "barbarian" lists? Would you use Britons? Gauls? Germanic tribes? I was leaning toward Germanic tribes for the addition of shieldwall on some of the profiles.
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Re: List for Jewish Revolts

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I might be tempted to avoid Fervour for the majority of the units and instead follow an 'Iberian model' of Groups of 8 Warriors with Flexible Drill and Javelins for the bulk of the better fighters. Perhaps use Fervour for Zealots, and have Mobs only for the poorer quality warriors (maybe with Limited Fervour). Although I'm more au fait with the earlier revolts, so my thoughts may not be as applicable to this.
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