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Post by dickiestocks »

In one of the topics in the dim and distant past there was mention of there being a proposal of some amendments to the basic rules regarding galleys on the Yahoo Group. The link fails. Is there anywhere else where this document may be accessed?

I've a stack of Swedish and Russian galleys [Langton's Finest] and am moving to Renaissance [again those fine Langton vessels] and thing the Kiss Me Hardy rules will work for them as well. Plus this galleys will make great Barbary Pirates.

Any help here will be great.
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Re: Galleys

Post by Archdukek »

All the Yahoo files were transferred to the account. You could look there for them.

The other option is to check out Chris Stoesen’s “ To Covet Glory” supplement for KMH which covers unrated vessels. I don’t have my copy to hand to check if he includes rules for galleys.

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Re: Galleys

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I have some Galley rules coming up in a supplement for To Covet Glory about the War of Jenkin's Ear. The Spanish had several Galley type vessels in the fight. I will release these with some STL files for the ships needed for the scenarios. I am using 1/300th scale for the models.

There was an article that Nick wrote back in 2006 for galleys. Trying to attach it as an image below.

Image ... sp=sharing
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