I Ain't Been Nuked, Mum! rules?

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I Ain't Been Nuked, Mum! rules?

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I see from some of the old postings of playtesting for these rules, that they date back to at least 2013, and the last postings I've run across seem to be in the 2015 - 2017 timeframe.

Is there any chance the Cold War version of IABSM will indeed eventually be released under this, or another title?

The playtest battle reports looked really good, and it would be nice to have a quick playing, fun set of rules for Company level battles for the Cold War.

Any intel would be appreciated, and given the production and release of so many new Cold War vehicle and troop ranges from various manufacturers, I suspect that the rules would sell quite well.

Here's hoping that these rules can be resurrected, and released to the general public.

Barring that, I'd be interested in any stats and rules mods for the IABSM rules for the Cold War (playtest info for IABNM), so that perhaps I and others can use the IABSM WWII rules for doing battles in the post-war period.
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Re: I Ain't Been Nuked, Mum! rules?

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Check out the 2018 Lard Magazine. It contains the rules for Cold War IABSM and stats for British, Canadian, U.S., West German, and Soviet forces.
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