Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

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Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

Post by boggler »


I'm writing a Lard Mag article for BTH on the Khalkhin Gol incident, covering the background, specific rule tweaks etc etc plus some scenarios.

There will be about half a dozen scenarios, most of which I've already written and play tested, but I was wondering what you'd really like to see included e.g. dogfights, bombing missions, ground attack, strafing etc?

What would you prefer and what size / complexity of games would be your choice?


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Re: Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

Post by Baldie »

Dog fights for sure.
Strafing run on attack / supply lines
For sure some kind of attack on reconnaissance planes
There must be a bi plane or two
Bombing mission to interdict

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with as love this era of the war

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Re: Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

Post by Joe Legan »

Great stuff! I think it would be great to convey some flavor of the conflict. In my reading the rata was a very good plane but rigid leadership/ tactics held the Russians back. Will email you this week

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Re: Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

Post by jony663 »

I would like to see dogfights, a complete as possible aircraft list and a campaign system.
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Re: Lard Mag Khalkhin Gol Article

Post by Tomm »

Bit of both.
I don't know if it's worth trying to write a linking narrative?
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