More self promotion - New Wars of the Roses rules

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Dave Knight
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More self promotion - New Wars of the Roses rules

Post by Dave Knight »

Test of Resolve Wars of the Roses was launched about a month ago. It is period specific to the Wars and is accompanied by a scenario book covering the first 8 major battles from 1st St Albans to Towton.

It is a product of lockdown as myself and my co-author Tim Couper have been developing the rules since March 2020 to the exclusion of all other gaming.

It as a card driven system which uses a D12 for all purposes. Rolling a 1 is invariably bad. All the scenarios can be played on no more than a 6 x 4 with 28mm figures. Most people tend to get the hang of the rules fairly quickly and can then get through a game in 1 to 2 hours.

There is more information and a good setoff Links on our facebook page

We have a table booked at Hammerhead at the end of July to put some games on
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Re: More self promotion - New Wars of the Roses rules

Post by Archdukek »

And excellent they are too, particularly for solo play. Though I admit to being somewhat biased since I know the authors and helped in play testing. :D

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Re: More self promotion - New Wars of the Roses rules

Post by Andrew_McGuire »

I bought these recently after watching a couple of videos on YouTube and reading a detailed play-through of Stoke Field, which I was pleased to see I was able to follow. I followed this up by buying a box of Perry WotR infantry, which are now assembled, but as is the usual pattern, my attention is already showing worrying signs of indiscipline. At the time of writing - check back with me tomorrow for an update - my next miniatures purchase looks like being some 3D-printed zombies and zombie hunters I saw on Etsy, though I was initially attracted to the same seller’s 6mm early medieval figures. Anyone know of any good rules for these?
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