Great Game by the way!

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Great Game by the way!

Post by LancasterMatt »

Just realised that posting 4 rule queries in a row looks a bit negative or critical :(

I must balance this by saying we had a fantastic Roman v Gaul yesterday - the first since lockdown.

The way the battle unfolded and combat played out was great.
Most of the problems were caused by rustyness of the players since we hadn't had the figures out in ages.

So glad I invested my lockdown time into building up 2 forces for future Infamy Infamy battles.

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Re: Great Game by the way!

Post by Quackstheking »

There are lots of subtleties and nuances to master with II occasioned by the asymmetric and very different styles of fighting of the disciplined, formal Romans against the wild and aggressive barbarians. As ever the key to victory is effectively utilising your forces USP whilst minimising your foes. What is different with II is there are completely different rules and mechanisms for both sides - usually rulesets have common rules with different compositions!

Don’t worry about asking questions. Usually a few come up after games and there are many helpful and knowledgable Lardy gamers who will be only too happy to help. If we hit a dead end, Rich will usually step in to give us the answer!

As has been said many times - there is no such thing as a stupid question. (probably 😃!).

As Rich has said elsewhere, these are probably his best set of rules - this is some accolade when in competition with the likes of CoC, SP, IABSM WaT etc. Of course gamers have voted Infamy as the Best New Wargames Rules 2020 in the Wargames Illustrated poll. Kenneth would be proud!

Glad you’re enjoying the game.


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