'War Room' ideas

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Re: 'War Room' ideas

Post by Baldie »

I always say to er indoors

"If we ever win big on the lottery we can build a nice house in the grounds of the gaming mansion"

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Re: 'War Room' ideas

Post by BaronVonWreckedoften »

Funnily enough, the Baroness once asked me what sort of wargames centre type set-up I'd like, just after we'd visited the Waterloo battlefield, and without a moment's hesitation, I said: "Hougoumont." She replied, "Right-oh." This from a woman who promised me instant divorce if I ever so much as thought about re-enacting.
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Re: 'War Room' ideas

Post by Mindenbrush »

Storage is always useful whether you have it under the gaming table or along the walls.

I have some 6 drawer metal cabinets from Ikea under my painting and prep tables, Paul Baker posted some on the SD Forum recently.

I am lucky enough to have a 3 roomed basement for my gaming area.

The first room is where I have my painting and preparation tables plus computer, books and painted/unpainted storage.

The second room is where I have my gaming table which I am thinking of enlarging from 6x5 to a 9x5, and I also store all my terrain in there on IKEA Ivar shelving.

The third room is unfinished, just concrete floor and bare walls. This is where I do the messy terrain construction and have my airbrush station. This area also serves to store anything from upstairs - Christmas decorations, winter tyres etc.

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