Silencers and Suppressors

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Re: Silencers and Suppressors

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Capt Fortier wrote:
Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:15 pm
I've largely given up trying to fit this kind of raiding campaign into the CoC world - just too many changes that take it too far away from the core of the rules - although I think it can still work for some of the bigger raids like Simi, Lemnos and Khios.
I agree, if you need to have sentries and stealth as part of the scenario then you're going to be bolting on a lot of new rules to CoC. But many "raids" were more a stand-up fight where the surprise element can be covered just by deployment rules for the scenario. Figure count matters too, Black Ops suits under a dozen a side, but isn't going to be anywhere near as good for a platoon scale action as CoC.

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