Charging Over a Fence

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Charging Over a Fence

Post by MarcusColenious »

A union regiment is 8" away from a rebel infantry regiment who is defending a fence line. In the charge phase the union player declares a charge and because it is within charge range, moves up to 3" from the rebel unit as part of the charge move. The defender then performs defensive fire. The two sides fight a charge combat, and if the result is a draw, they can then fight a full melee. At no point in any of the rules is the intervening obstacle, "the fence" discussed in the rules.

When does the fence come into play requiring a Formation Test? To get to the enemy, at some point the union would have had to cross it or fight over it, right?

This would be the same question if the defended obstacle or terrain was 2" of woods or works/fortifications or a stone wall...

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Re: Charging Over a Fence

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Marcus,
My understanding is that the fence line is ignored if the defenders are lining it and being attacked at the fence line. It only provides cover from firing.
However, if the defenders were holding a position some distance back from the fence line itself, then the attackers would have to pass a Formation Test to cross it as they advanced forward.


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Re: Charging Over a Fence

Post by dakkadakka »

Another thought - if the Union won the charge roll and took the ground on the other side of the fence, would they take the test then?



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Re: Charging Over a Fence

Post by DCRBrown »


The victorious unit has the choice to halt at the fence or wall and not cross or cross over and take a Foramtion test. (See Charge Combat results 1b and 3. p41.


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