Big Men & TIT's

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Big Men & TIT's

Post by Flinty »

Simple question here, related to the order of drawing Tactical Initiative and Big Men cards.

a) When his card is turned, does the Big Man have the choice:
- to use only his inherant TIT and not take any T.I. cards?
- can he select from the pool of cards and leave some on the table?
- or must he take all of the available T.I. cards?

E.g - A Grade 4 leader card is turned as the first leader card in this turn. There are a number of Level 1, 2 and 3 T.I. cards in the pool of previously turned T.I cards. Can he leave the Grade 3 T.I. cards?

b) If there are no suitable T.I. cards available when his card is turned up, I assume the Big Man can only use his single inherant T.I - or can the Big Man reserve his actions until suitable cards are turned up in the same way a unit can reserve dice?


Appreciate I should probably ask on the Yahoo group - but I detest the clunky Yahoo layout and interface, and am extremely pleased to have found a 'proper' forum - well done Lardies!
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Re: Big Men & TIT's

Post by JimLeCat »


My answers:-

a) He can use none, some or all of the available TIs.

b) No, he must act when his card is drawn.

Sorry about the brevity, typing on my phone is a pain!
Hope that helps though.

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Re: Big Men & TIT's

Post by rim66 »

With regard to posting on the group - never fear, Monty Lardo is here! I monitor both for Rich and flag up questions such as this, so it will be on his email later today.

Monty Lardo
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Re: Big Men & TIT's

Post by jshaw15 »

some additional (very novice) questions about Tactical Initiative:

1.1.3 in the rules say that 2 TI cards go into the deck for each leader, and also says that "Naturally, you'd also have cards in the deck for their opposite numbers as well."

However, in Rock the Casbah scenarios, there only appear to be TI cards based on the numbers of IDF Big Men, and even then, only one TI card per Big Man. Was there a change to the TI card rules somewhere? In some scenarios, it seems like if there were 2 TI cards for each Big Man in the game, there could be around 50 TI cards in the deck.

Thanks for any clarification!
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Re: Big Men & TIT's

Post by Archdukek »

You can vary the number of TI cards depending on the scenario and the relative quality of each side. So a poorer led or trained side could have less TIs available for use if you wanted.

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