bunker and firemaerker

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bunker and firemaerker

Post by talagarz »

Hi Guys,

How do you spot a bunker in heavy terrain???????? when close you still need a 9, it's a bunker -2,-1 poor fieldcraft, -1 if local, -1 if not firing and stationary ....

the lmg in the bunker fired away so the bunker was represented by a firemarker, but is still was not spottable, the only way to get rid of that bunker seemed to be to walk right to the space where the firemarker was, but I think that is not really possible because the firemarker represents an area where fire is coming from? So how do you do this?

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Re: bunker and firemaerker

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Hi Jan,
When spotting a bunker In Heavy terrain it only benefits from the modifier for being a bunker, so -2 to the spotting roll. The other factors you quote only apply to units which are targets. It will therefore be spotted on a roll of 11 or 12 unless any other modifiers apply such as using more actions to improve your spotting chance.

A bunker is also automatically spotted on the Time Out card when a unit gets within 4” of it. See Section 6.3 for Automatic spotting.

I suggest that you read section 7.12 again. When Communist forces fire from cover their position is marked by a Fire Marker as you say which you can then attempt to spot as normal. However, very importantly, if that unit fires a second time it is automatically spotted and placed on the table. Unless they have moved of course which obviously a bunker can’t do.

Hope that helps.


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