Maloyaroslavetz 1812 scenario

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Maloyaroslavetz 1812 scenario

Post by Giogames »

In the facebook page "Le Feu Sacré Italia" a new scenario: Maloyaroslavetz 1812 with OOB, Commander cards and labels for units...
Enjoy it!

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Re: Maloyaroslavetz 1812 scenario

Post by CiDevant »

" The Deck of Cards"
I have just purchased a Pdf copy of thess rules and I am trying to find out where I can get the "The Deck of cards" referred to
Please can anyone help
Thanks in advance

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Re: Maloyaroslavetz 1812 scenario

Post by AndyC »

Hello CiDevant. Sorry for the late response.

There is no deck of cards available to download or purchase, like some other TFL games. You need to create some cards yourself. What cards you need depends on the scenario and the forces involved, but this is described on page 22 of the rules.

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