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I've knocked up a set of markers for Pickets charge. Its a bit of a work in progress.

Page 1 are the unit markers for the starter scenario in the book. Cut out so there is a flag on the top then fold so the flag faces your opponent. I place these on the blind they are assigned to. Use the blanks for dummy units.
Page 2 are conditions. Cut most out as the units. The ones with 'glue here' are supposed to be folded into a triangle with the 'glue here' acting as a tab to form the triangle.
Page 3 are the orders (again fold)
Page 4 are for the CinC's. Place a staff officer on the square to select it.
Page 5 and 6 are to stick on the blinds (the numbers are in case you do not want to place the markers on page one)

The first file is a pdf (unfortunately it has inserted blank pages) the second the excel file so you can alter it to your taste.

PDF ... s.pdf?dl=0
Excel ... .xlsx?dl=0
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Re: Markers

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Thanks, those look good.
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Re: Markers

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Thank you for posting this!
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Re: Markers

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Many thanks for designing and posting these
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