Boats and action dice?

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Lars R
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Boats and action dice?

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I'm trying to figure out how many action dice to allocate to boats. I see in para 4.2.1 that the number of dice depends on quality of troops and the number of men.

If I refer to appendix 5 I see that a PBR have a crew of 5, a LCM Monitor have a 11 and a sampan have 4 men crew.
I assume that the PBR and the Monitor is manned by US Marines so according to the chart om page 98, the PBR will get 3 action dice and the Monitor 4 dice. This makes sense.
On the other hand, a sampan (crew of 4) that is manned by PAVN forces the Vietcong get just 1 action dice (chart on page 91). This doesn't make sense to me.

What am I missing?

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