Foot cavalry forming 1 group

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Foot cavalry forming 1 group

Post by runninghorse74 »

Hi all,

In the rule book page 12 2nd column, 2nd paragraph.
'Foot groups may not detach from cavalry in the same turn in which they joined them'
This suggests that in a game I can combined a foot and cavalry group to form a foot cavalry group.
Assuming bot have the foot cavalry characteristic.

Same page 3rd paragraph.
'Once deployed, foot cavalry may not remount in the game.'
This sort of suggests that the foot group shouldn't be able to join the cavalry group.
Or is it they may only join once in the game, so to stop the cavalry picking them up and putting them down multiple times.

How do other players read this.
I'm going to currently play they can only join once either before coming on to the table or once in the game.

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Re: Foot cavalry forming 1 group

Post by Quackstheking »

This represents a one off opportunity for a group with the Foot Cavalry characteristic to move together with cavalry with the same characteristic. Once they have deployed off the cavalry, that's it. As you say it's a once only benefit.

Hope that helps

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