Playing by Zoom - game report

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Playing by Zoom - game report

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One evening last week Calgacus (my friend the Admiral) led a patrol into the Roman holdings in northern Scotland. These holdings were defended by centurion Pontius Sabinus with elements of an Imperial legion. Calgacus’ goal was to scout terrain features in four separate areas of the table. Focussing on mobility, he increased his 100-point force to 111 by putting an additional unit of his warriors in chariots and bringing some tribal cavalry. That meant I had only one extra point to spend; I spent it on exploratores.

The Admiral lives in Edinburgh, I live in Alkmaar. The table was at my house and we fought on Zoom. (Skype, to be truthful, but “zoom” is now a word like “hoover”.) Thanks to Alan (dadlamassu) for the advice on how to do that. I got a tripod and set the webcam up high and it worked well. I thought the Admiral would want closeups, was ready to do provide them with my phone, but he did not ask for them.

I don’t believe I can post photos of the battlefield here, so I’ll just say that there was terrain in all the six areas of the battlefield. Calgacus entered three of them easily. Of the remainder, my legionaries could defend one. But my archers got mashed up (partly because they advanced too far into the open), and then the chariots easily dodged my lonely group of auxilia which was trying to defend the other two. Game over in a couple of hours and we didn’t even come to melee.

The Admiral liked the game enough that we will play again next week. I’m looking at different force composition and different tactics!

Report with picture: ... 56770?s=20

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