Air cavalry troop HQ

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Air cavalry troop HQ

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Hi everyone!

I recently bought the Charlie don't surf ruleset and I can't find where does it say what an ACAV company hq consist of. Every other force explains its teams in a paragraph, but in this one it only explains the color teams and big men. Is that HQ by chance not fielded?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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Re: Air cavalry troop HQ

Post by Urm »

browsing through the rules today I also stumbled upon this - any clue?
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Re: Air cavalry troop HQ

Post by tonicnh »

Found this but it doesn't seem to provide details for an "on table" troop HQ ... M17-37.pdf

The nearest thing I could find was in the 1991 equivalent ... 800%29.pdf

Although considerably later, it mentions the following

1-15. The troop headquarters consists of the commander, the first sergeant, the safety officer, and a vehicle driver (crew chief from one of the aeroscout platoons). The troop commander is overall responsible for the command, control, employment, and maintenance of the ACT. He is assigned an aircraft from one of the aeroscout platoons.

Extrapolating backwards from this (and in the absence of something better) maybe 1 big man in a OH-135 or OH-6?
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