Crossing a bridge

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Crossing a bridge

Post by Giogames »

Hy guys,
we are playing "the fight at Eisdorf 1813" scenario.
We have a question about crossing a bridge.
How do you consider the infantry unit?
a) in column of march and if it is engaged in combat, disordered.
b) in platoon column and if is engaged in combat, disordered.
c) in platoon column without penalty if engaged.
d) in attack column without penalty if engaged.

For me crossing a bridge in attack column (about 50 mt wide) it's not platoon column is more plausible...without penalty if engaged (c).
What do you think?
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Re: Crossing a bridge

Post by Zippee »

It's been a while since I did a river crossing game but I think we usually do it as disordered until completely clear of the bridge/river but allowing an assault in any formation except line. Assuming much of close combat is actually short range musketry, you essentially need to force the enemy back to allow room to cross and deploy.

I also think we disallowed flank supports as irrelevant, but allowed rear support and really you want every battery you can scrounge as well.

Really crossing the bridge under fire is more like an aggressive formation change than it is about how many files the bridge can take. Our ground scale scenery is not that precise.

If you really want a head scratcher try Montebello where there's a bridge in the town. . .
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Re: Crossing a bridge

Post by CiDevant »

I think it ought to be considered a "Grande Bande" as effectively it would have no formation the bridge would be too narrow for any formation in the drill book apart from marcing to the right by files
That would not happen on a bridge chard=ge
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