Diving speed in BTH2

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Diving speed in BTH2

Post by Danni1 »

Hey all-I noticed that in other WW2 air combat rulesets, diving speed as well as climbing speed are included for an aircrafts stats, yet BTH2 only has climbing speed given. Shouldnt there be a diving speed as well so as to more accurately show for example how the heavier American fighters outdove the more nimble but lighter Japanese aircraft? How would a bright and eager Sprog like myself jerry-rig (no pun intended) a rule to cover diving speed?
Thanks and cheeero!

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Re: Diving speed in BTH2

Post by Archdukek »

Hi Danni,
All aircraft gain an extra hex of forward movement for each level of altitude that they dive. You could tweak that dive rate if you have evidence that there was a significant differential. For example the P47 Thunderbolt gets a +2 speed bonus in any move which includes a dive. Alternatively give a tailing aircraft a -1 penalty for the staying on the tail test when pursuing a better diving opponent. See stats for the German Bf109 for an example.

There is a table with more extensive aircraft stats in the BTH section of the TFL Groups io site.
https://groups.io/g/TooFatLardies/files ... _stats.xls


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