Charged in Flank or Rear

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Charged in Flank or Rear

Post by EQUITES »

Rule stated :
If a unit is charged in the flank or rear, it must first take a See the Elephant test.
Pass = May only wheel in order (or about face) to oppose the enemy.

Q: IF Charger starts within 15cm , no reaction is allowed even if Charged passed this test ?
Fail = immediately apply the result.
Q : IF result is Whipped/Rout, what's the direction of retiring ?

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Re: Charged in Flank or Rear

Post by Archdukek »

Away from the Chargers surely initially. Might be a real problem if charged in the rear.


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Re: Charged in Flank or Rear

Post by Tony TRT »

I agree with John, page 66, Whipped, point a;
Whipped units move directly away from the enemy or back towards their own lines for the first 10cm [6"] of the retreat move.

Page 67, Rout, point a;
Routed units act in the same manner as Whipped units. (See above.)

Also note page 67, Surrendering;
Any unit subject to a compulsory move (Retire, Whipped or Rout) that is surrounded, or the first 10cm [6"] of the initial compulsory move
takes them into contact with enemy units, will surrender and is removed from play. The unit disperses and the brigade immediately falters and is
marked with a Falter marker.

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Re: Charged in Flank or Rear

Post by DCRBrown »


Q1 = The defender cannot conduct any manoeuvre at all if the chargers started their charge from under 15cms. (p38)

Q2 = Whipped/Routers move directly away from the chargers for the first 10cms, thereafter move in a "backwards" direction. (p66)


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