Stout hearts and Iron trooper

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Stout hearts and Iron trooper

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Hi All,

We played the race to the sea scenario from Stout hearts and Iron trooper yesterday.
We swapped the British for French as we don't have any British troops.
The French had cavalry as the German cavalry isn't painted yet.
The German cavalry was replaced with a recon section.
It was a victory to the Germans. The French cards were slow to come out and when they did the movement dice weren't good.
But it was a great game.

This is our fourth game and we had some question come up during the game.

1) Section 4.2 of the rules in part says "If the Group is firing he may use his Status to adjust their firing dice".
As this rule talks about status, the question was can command initiative cards be used to adjust dice?
We played this game where only the Big Mans status can be to adjust firing dice. Is this correct?

2) The HMGs were accompanied by a Lv1 Big Man. Had he been a Lv2 big man could he have adjusted firing dice? Or, does adjusting fire dice only apply to Infantry or dismounted cavalry?

3) Size of cavalry units. We run the French cavalry as 2 sections of 6 troopers. This is 2/3 of an Infantry section with a dis-mounted firing line of 5 troopers. I acknowledge the rules say 1 Horse holder per 4 troopers.
This does make dis-mounted cavalry brittle compared to infantry which I think is historically accurate.
How troopers to others use in a cavalry unit?

Also, as there are no unit break or force moral rule in M&B we used these rules from Sharp Practice; this produced realistic results.

Looking forward to hearing any thoughts.


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