Into the Woods AAR - July 1944

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Into the Woods AAR - July 1944

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Well we revisited TW&T again this fortnight using a scenario I found online. This is the second game of TW&T for our group but I have a couple of extra games up my sleeve. We wanted to really test the rules out.

July 1944 an Allied offensive around Caen has splintered the German defences. The British are attempting to push forward to find gaps that they can exploit, whilst the thinly spread German second line is attempting to stand firm until reinforcements can be brought up...

Turned out to be an easy German victory as the poor Brits suffered trying to cross virtually open ground and drawing the short straw with the cards and random events! The rules worked well and the game raced by we'll be using these again soon and trying out the new version of them CoC...

Germans watching the Tommies advance...

Just as the British mortar support got into the show a blaze broke out in a derelict building and the smoke obscured their view!

The full report with more pictures is on the TSOG Blog...
http://toysoldiersforoldgits.blogspot.c ... woods.html
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