Lots of varying reports on LFS

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Re: Lots of varying reports on LFS

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Bvera said:
We have given a try to GBCoC and liked very much the system overall, but lately the developer has been quiet and the group is slowly dying; we fear that the project will go nowhere and will not committ ourselves fully to it if there are no signs that it will go ahead in full force.
I fear you are correct that this project is probably dead. I quite liked the rules, the mechanics were excellent but some work was still needed on the Command and Control. No word from the developer in 4 months and no mention of the rules by Rich Clarke on a recent M&M podcast.

I initially felt the new ruleset by Dave Brown for Napoleonics (companion set to his new ACW rules, Picketts Charge) were going to be grand tactical, but I now have a sense that they will work at the tactical level. I am hoping that this will be a good set of rules with a strong C&C component with simple mechanics.

I have gone through almost 10 Napoleonic rulesets in the the last 8 years and still have not found one that works for me. I thought it would have been GBCoC but like you say further development appears to be dead. A bit sad!

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Re: Lots of varying reports on LFS

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I use Blucher for large battles. Each base is a brigade.
It's a good streamlined set of rules that lets me finish the biggest battles in a few hours.
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Re: Lots of varying reports on LFS

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write down what you want in a set of rules, scope of game, detail, complexity, chrome, period feel, do you want skirmishers, separate companies, how mane guns in a battery?

the main problem is the difference between CoC and a battalion game.
the bigger the scope the more it becomes like a board game, but Drang Nach Osten was a brilliant game with loads of scope armies fighting armies.
you were moving cardboard counters but you thought you were moving armies.

It's chrome! that is needed.
Look at the board index the number of posts and the number of replies.
CoC is by far the most successful game, mainly because it is brilliant, but a lot of effort was put into the launch of the game.

look at what the other games are about and how they work and could they be more widely used.
In part it can be the number of figures needed to play a new game.
how to video's
a run through of a game on the blog
But what makes you want to buy a game?
go back to 2009 on the blog and read all refs to LFS that's the only way to decide.
Look at how many scenarios their are in the specials.
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