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Phil. H,
Is it similar to DBMM?
Mike L
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Re: Basing

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Hi Mike,

I know Phil's away running a game at Partizan so I'll answer this one for you if I may.

DBMM elements can be used with A2A as there's no fixed base size, you just need to choose what's a tiny, small, average or large unit so you might want to combine a few elements together for anything bigger than a tiny unit. I don't know if you've got a copy of the rules but I'll quote what Phil wrote in them about base and unit sizes as I think that'll help:

Basing isn't important, nor is the size of the figures, but you will need to have thought about which of the units are of ‘Average' size and which are ‘Large', ‘Small' and ‘Tiny'. The usual battlefield frontage of ‘Small' units (I define my ‘quingenary cohorts' as small units) in my 28mm armies is about seven inches, and all moves, ranges, etc., are based upon that premise. If your units are of a significantly different size, you may wish to scale all the move distances and ranges in proportion – but don't get carried away with fractions of inches – it's not rocket science – ‘near enough' is definitely good enough.

In my armies, which all use 28mm figures, Tiny infantry units have less than 10 figures, Small have 10-20, Medium have 20-30 and Large more than 30. Tiny cavalry units have less than 5 figures, Small have 5-10, Medium have 10-16 and Large more than 16.

The game concerns units, rather than individuals, and all actions and results affect whole units – or even whole formations. It may prove useful to have either some individual figures to remove to represent ‘casualties' – or else, if you're using figures based in elements, you may wish to provide markers – nicely painted casualty figures are a popular solution in that case, as are ‘micro-dice'.

We do wish to emphasise that it really doesn't matter what scale of figures you use, or what basing method you favour, so long as the two armies are broadly compatible, or you think of ways to allow dissimilarly based armies to fight ‘fairly'.

I've played the rules in 6mm on 60mm unit frontages and in 15mm on DBMM frontages and didn't change the move or shooting distances and the rules worked just fine.

Hope the above helps

Richard N
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