ITLSU Close Combat - multiple companies invovled

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ITLSU Close Combat - multiple companies invovled

Post by paulr »

Hi All,

I'm doing some test games for a demo game in late January, part of day 2 of Sheikh Sa'ad in Mesopotamia, roughly 100 years on.

One situation I have had a couple of times now is an Ottoman company spread out along a trench line being attacked by two British or Indian companies.

I can see at least three ways to handle this, there may be others:

1. count each side as one unit and apply the combat calculator modifiers
2. split the Ottoman company in two and fight two close combats, applying the close combat calculator modifiers to both parts of the Ottomans and each attacking company
3. apply the close combat modifiers to each company and split the Ottoman dice against the two attacking company

Which is the correct way?


PS I have also posted this on the TFL Yahoo group but it seems to have got lost in the flood of Christmas, Military History and French Indochina posts
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Re: ITLSU Close Combat - multiple companies invovled

Post by Archdukek »

Not sure if it is the correct way but I would be inclined to follow option 2 and fight them as two separate combats. To be honest I don't see it making much difference which option you go with, just be consistent.

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