Infantry and IFVs

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Infantry and IFVs

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Have been looking at the B'Maso supplement again recently and was wondering whether, when troops had dismounted from their carriers, whether there should be a separate card for the carriers, e.g. Ratel or should they all operate on the platoon card with the infantry. The answer would seem to depend on views about the level of coordination between the IFVs and the dismounted troops. Any thoughts out there?

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Re: Infantry and IFVs

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Not my theatre of expertise, but I'd agree that it depends on how much coordination between carriers and infantry you want to allow.

If the carriers are being used as battle taxis rather than quasi-AFVs, then I would say the carriers operate on the infantry platoon card. This allows them to co-ordinate a move away from the infantry once they've dropped them off or towards the infantry to pick them up.

If, however, they are being used as quasi-AFVs, then they should have their own card, meaning that they can either operate independently of the infantry or, if operating together, that the commander has an appropriate added barrier to co-ordination.

Finally, if operating independently of the infantry as quasi-AFVs, then you should also think about whether the dismounted infantry squads dismount at full strength, or whether they have to leave some of their number behind to crew the vehicle. In the Bashnya or Bust! scenario pack for IABSM, for example, the German Panzergrenadiers in half-tracks have the choice of dismounting at full strength (meaning that the half-track cannot then move or fire as it is empty); leaving a driver behind and dismounting one short (meaning the half track can move but not fire); leaving a crew for the forward MG behind and dismounting two short (meaning the half-track can fire but not move), or dismounting three short meaning the half track can both move and fire.


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