Big Charlie Don't Surf

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Big Charlie Don't Surf

Post by stevey1112 »

Hey Guys,
Sorry if this has been asked before but how big can this game go?
I am really interested in doing a campaign involving two companies or so each side in 1/300th scale and was wondering if anyone has any ideas,
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Re: Big Charlie Don't Surf

Post by JimLeCat »

I haven't run CDS, but it's a close relative of IABSM which I have run a fair bit. It scales very well, handles different sized forces between sides seamlessly and can handle multiple sides and/or different numbers of players on both sides just as well.

Biggest game I've run was a battalion attack with two full infantry companies, a tank squadron and other supports against a depleted company with supports. I've played in an eastern front game which had a couple of *battalions* of soviet infantry with armour and anti-tank guns against a couple of large german kampfgruppes.

You need to be aware that bigger games will take longer and a referee is essential if you want to keep the pace up, but it is certainly possible to stage bigger games.

Hope that helps.

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