Cape Frontier Wars

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Cape Frontier Wars

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Currently researching up on the Cape Wars, the 8th war specifically, reading Keith Smith's "Harry Smith's Last Throw of the Dice" as well as the two excellent Michael Snook volumes on the subject. Looking at at potential Xhosa forces for SP, I'm interested in the engagement at Nell's farm as this appears to give me the opportunity to field Xhosa warriors, Hottentots and Thembu warriors.

Now previous threads here have suggested fielding the Xhosa as skirmishers and this seems to match the style of fighting suggested in the above books, however Smith suggests the Thembu ally warriors fought in a more direct manner, e.g. psyching themselves up into a battle frenzy and rushing into melee, all very much in what you might call a "traditional Zulu manner".

Can anyone shed some light on what the Thembu would look like? Would they be dressed in similar fashion to the Xhosa or would they resemble the Zulu's. (Got to admit I'm hoping its the Zulus as it means I can bulk out some larger "Tribal" units with the Perry plastics).

Any information and pointers on this very much appreciated.

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