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Hi, Im totally new to wargaming, and have always been put off a bit by my autism which prevents me from doing much socially, but I’ve just ordered What a Tanker after seeing loads of videos on youtube.
Could I ask if there is a section on the website that links to scenarios please? Either ones written by the Lardies, or forum members, or by others.

Also, I will most probably buy Chain of Command. Is there a similar download section for army lists and scenarios/campaigns for that too?

Ive had a look on this forum and cant immediately see anything.

I intend to play these games solo.

Many thanks for your help.
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Re: Scenarios?

Post by cstoesen »

There are a number of scenarios that are available out there.
Official supplements are found on the Too Fat Lardies site. There are a number of pint sized campaigns for Normandy and the East Front. Also look at the IABSM supplements. Those can be trimmed down with a little work.

Look at Wargames Vault for some scenarios. William Thorpe has some Pacific and Normandy Supplements. I have some East Front Supplements. ... iam-Thorpe ... is-Stoesen or see payhip dor com /ChrisStoesen (ise Coupon Code 2AS2S0NQ1B for 15% off) Only allowed 2 links in a post. :(

What a Tanker does not have any official supplements.

I have some scenarios in my Second Kharkov supplement. There is also a historical scenario that is the first encounter of German tanks against the Soviet T-34. I have made the scenario for both WAT and Chain of Command. You would have to look for my Payhip store above.

There are some good scenarios in Skirmish Campaign series that can be used with a little imagination on skirmishcampaigns dot com some might be useable for WAT but most are more Chain of Command related. There are a couple of free ones on the site that you can check out.

This should be a good broad brush. Let me know what in particular interests you (theatre, period of the war, types of tanks) are interested in and we can probably find you some more.

Hope you are enjoying the rules as both sets are great fun for solo play or with a group.
Chris Stoesen
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Re: Scenarios?

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There are some in the files section of the facebook fan page
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