How to do a good siege scenario?

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How to do a good siege scenario?

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We have been playing a SP FIW campaign over these last months and it is getting close to the conclusion now. I would like to end the campaign as an echo of the attack on Fort William Henry, on a smaller scale of course. My initial idea was that the Brits should be defending themselves behind some form of stockade or trench, but after having played the game for some time now, I have pondered if SP is suited for this kind of “siege” situation with one force being fairly static (perhaps with some rescue force entering the table at some stage), while the opponent has all the movement. Could any of you recommend a good siege scenario for SP from which I could take some inspiration? And if you have any thoughts on defensive scenarios in SP in general, I would like to hear them.
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Re: How to do a good siege scenario?

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In working up some campaigns around the Galician uprising and Marshal Soult's invasion of Portugal in 1809, I played around with a few ideas for forcing entrance into and clearing fortress towns like Vigo, Tuy and Chaves, all of which had relatively small garrisons, as well as actions involving sorties by defenders, which I think SP handles well. This allows you to focus the action in a way that can avoid a static defence (and often fairly static attack aka bombardment), and more on sequences of events and tasks, putting scenarios together to play out different aspects of a siege.

For example, you could start with a sortie by the defenders to cover getting a messenger off the table; if successful, you could then try a relief column; if either of these are unsuccessful, the attackers have to protect engineers seeking to lay and set off explosives at a gate, perhaps with an initially limited defence (eg. the bulk of the defenders have been drawn off to action elsewhere on the walls), which focuses more on sets of tasks and potentially heroic sacrifices on both sides. If they succeed, the last scenario could be clearing the fort/town, using an almost urban terrain setting, which might be about a race to defeat or capture key units, people or places before the defenders set off the magazine!

These were my ideas, but in fairness, none of them ever made it to the table... so I get that it is difficult... but your question has inspired me to revisit some of my old working notes and drafts, and I might have another crack at bringing these to life. Good luck with your campaign.
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