Firing Multi weapons

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Firing Multi weapons

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An AFV activates
For its 3 actions can it fire A/T round from main gun, and then also fire 2d6 worth from hull MG?
Or even fire A/T, move 1D6, fire 1D6 hull MG?

If it only fires A/T from main gun, can it fire more than once?
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Re: Firing Multi weapons

Post by Archdukek »

Yes to both questions. See section 1.2.5 on page 20 on how an AFV can use its actions.

If firing its main gun the AFV could fire up to 3 shots with its 3 actions. The first shot always counts as Aimed fire, the second two would be snap shots so less accurate. It could choose to Fire then Aim for one action then Fire a second aimed shot instead. See the example box on page 20.

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