Recommended reading for O Group

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Recommended reading for O Group

Post by AdamL »

Hi all! Picked up these rules and really liking them, I'm putting together forces to do this at 1:1 scale in 6mm. To me, battalion actions are the ideal tactical level for a wargame.

Probably like a lot of you here, I absolutely love reading WW2 memoirs, as well as WW2 non-fiction in general. Most books, however, seem to take place at a higher or lower level than the battalion 'sweet spot', so I've been scanning through my library for O Group inspiration. Here are a couple that spring to mind:

Kenneth Macksey 'Battle-Normandy'. Technically fiction, but not really - a veteran constructs a battalion vs battalion action based on his experiences and the experiences of his comrades, during Operation Bluecoat. This is about as close as it gets to a ready-made O Group scenario - it's absolutely brilliant, especially at analysing the challenges of command.

K W Cooper 'The Little Men'. A slightly lesser-know memoir, this takes place in Burma during the Irrawaddy campaign of 1945. Well worth a read in general, but from an O Group perspective there's an excellent little scenario idea of a combat patrol escalating into a battalion action, with the British probing a Japanese-occupied village before eventually choosing the best spot to commit their reserves.

So who's got any more suggestions for O Group reading? I suppose the best would be for battalion vs battalion actions, but I'd love to know your thoughts!

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Re: Recommended reading for O Group

Post by IanKH »

I'm currently reading Battalion by Alistair Borthwick which chronicals the 5th Battalion Seaforth Highlanders from El Alamein to the end of the war. It's very granular in places as it's only concern is the battalion itself. The book was written in the months directly after the German surrender and was originally written as the battalion record. So the accounts are fresh and accurate and delivered by various first person sources. It's also very readable (I first read the book 20 odd years ago).

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