Russian integral at

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Russian integral at

Post by Forst »

As a mainly western front player, thinking of going East front.

Do Russian post 43 inf platoons use AT rifles or are they seemed to have acquired sufficient late war AT?

My understanding was that they had loads of at rifles but limited modern AT other than captured German or lend lease US?

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Re: Russian integral at

Post by SteveC »

AT Rifles were issued to separate, specialist platoons. By early '43, each battalion had a platoon of 3 squads, each with 2 AT Rifles'. This had evolved from the late '41 structure where the Regiment had a Company of 3 platoons, also with 3 squads but with 3 AT Rifles.

Soviet TO&Es continually reduced manpower until the Dec 42 version which was the final official one. There were reduced strength TO&Es for worn formations but these were ''guidance' for Corp or Army Level use as appropriate when losses outpaced the flow of replacements and they wanted to keep units in the field

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Re: Russian integral at

Post by Forst »

If the AT is a specialist platoon of AT rifles. In O Group terms, does the Russian platoon have any integral AT?

The above suggests the only ranged AT is any attached AT rifles section? So a platoon on its own has no ranged AT?The

In an overrun situation is it best to count the Russian inf as early war through out the war to allow for short range AT grenades and satchel charges?

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Re: Russian in

Post by Tonyhobbz »

Throughout the war I believe infantry developed tactics to take on armoured vehicles, this ranged from bundled grenades, mines and even molitov cocktails. In the o group rules the integral A/T capability represents the section moving up and stalking its prey before falling back to its original position. Check out the film iron cross where the German infantry take out T34s without panzerfausts or ranged weapons before fleeing of course.

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Re: Russian integral at

Post by DCRBrown »


Yep, Russian infantry platoons have integral AT rifles from 1941 to 45.

They had an awful lot of them!


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Re: Russian integral at

Post by micstri »

Apparently from the beginning of 45 the Russians had a significant number of captured Panzerfausts available - possible roll for this like a division support?

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Re: Russian integral at

Post by nikjen66 »

Hi M.

There is an option to take panzerfausts for late war Russkies as part of the Batt/Regt support options.


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