Company Commander Order and Rout Test

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Company Commander Order and Rout Test

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Section 17.3 states 'The Platoon Rout Test can be avoided by using a Company Commander Order, and the commander is within 18". However, what I am not clear about sorry is whether the rout test is avoided by:

a) just expending the company commander order, or
b) do I also have to roll to see whether avoiding the rout test costs additional orders?

The confusion arises because the rout test is not an action initiated by an order, it is a test made in response to a specific event. We have decided to interpret the rules precisely as written, which is a) above, but we are not sure.

Regards and thanks, Michael

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Re: Company Commander Order and Rout Test

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Preventing a Rout Test is not a Company Commander Action.

The Company Commander simply uses his Order to prevent the test, that's it, so yes its a).


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