Smoke and spotting

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Smoke and spotting

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The rules state that a spotter has to be able to see the target, which would tend to suggest that it means that this would mean no artillery strike if smoke is in the way, , but what about terrain features, does the spotter have be able to see the aiming point of something thst is on the map?

Also does being on a hill mean you can see over smoke or that los is blocked?

Sorry to ask but these questions have been raised when playing this wonderful rule set.

Thanks Graham

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Re: Smoke and spotting

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Don't worry about asking questions, that's what we are here for! 8-)

Smoke will block all spotting even mapped terrain features and large hills, as without a line of sight the spotter cannot correct the ranging shots.
(Technically a FO could use just map coordinates but on a small, active battlefield as used in O Group that would be an incredibly risky business.)


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